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So, a gun accidentally went off in Daley Plaza on Tuesday when a university officer was fiddling with his pistol and it fell out of his holster (hello? safety, anyone?). I first heard about this from my sister, who had just left Daley Plaza about an hour before it happened. She gave me the whole low down, and told me that it was reported that an elderly woman was grazed by the bullet either when it was shot or when it richocheted.
Turns out they lady was not hit at all. She was taken to Northwestern Hospital where they realized “that if the woman was hit by some type of fragment, it did not penetrate her clothing or skin, and there were no visible signs of injury”.
In discussing this (“How could you THINK you’ve been shot when you haven’t? I think you would know”), one of my co-workers made a very astute point…”She wanted to put her grandkids through college”
Amen, and hooray for overzealous and frivolous lawsuits! They make this world a cheaper place to live.

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  1. Jason Mojica (unregistered) on July 1st, 2004 @ 8:23 am

    I don’t understand how a gun goes off. It doesn’t make sense, unless it’s a revolver and falls exactly on the hammer really, really hard. Really hard.

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