annoyed by busy pancake place

The Original Pancake House sucked ass on Monday. I know it was stupid to go there on a busy holiday, but it’s highly regarded. Also, I haven’t been since 1999. Also, I was close to it. Also, I wanted pancakes.
I waited about an hour to sit. The people in line in front of me were from LA. The line was so long, the woman went to get coffee while they waited. Behind me, there was a kid with his Aunt, who with full husky voice, was asking him a ton of graphic questions about his recent surgery (which was a sheer pleasure). I almost said womething when she switched gears on her own (to “how did you do on the boat last night”).
When the LA couple were to be seated, the host took away their coffee after she pointed to the large sign at the door that prohibits outside food and drink. I sort of thought about what must have happened to warrant the sign, but we were being seated finally. We got the table next to the small beam that divides the seating area from the pay line, so everyone who was leaving ended up leaning over our table. That was better than the other parties of two who had to sit at a table for six, so they ended up sitting closer to strangers than each other.
When I hear that a restaurant has a good reputation, it’s not just the quality of the food (which I thought was very good), that matters. I was annoyed the whole time, so it just made the meal suck. I suppose I should have expected what I got, but I think they’re a little cocky about their popularity, and don’t make a real effort to make sure people enjoy themselves.
Next time, I’m going to Tavern on Rush instead. It’s right around the corner, and I could have gotten the same thing for the same price with much better service and decor.

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  1. Tim (unregistered) on July 21st, 2004 @ 7:43 am

    You always have to expect a long wait at original pancake house, it is the same way here in Cincinnati. I always find that it is worth it though.
    Personally, I alway have to go to breakfast and Ann Sather’s when I am in Chicago.

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