I slept in today after being out late last night throwing the Roots release party. I got out of bed close to 10am still a bit tired, but the sting of non-productivity and laziness began to fuck with me as I lay there. I got up and got straight to business as usual, checking my email accounts, messages and missed calls. Surprisingly there were none, so I checked my planner to see what I had slated for today, nothing. Every other day this week is maxed out, and although there are several things I have to do this evening, the day is entirely open. I can’t remember the last time I had an open day, and now I find myself sitting here, pondering how to spend my time. Its a gorgeous day perhaps ill go for a drive, but with gas prices so high and traffic so fucked as usual during the summer months in Chicago im trying to drive as little as possible. Museum?… been there done that, go to them all the time, whenever I have a few hours of free time they are the first places I look to visit. Movie?… Nothing out that I want to see which I haven’t seen already. Perhaps ill just work on personal projects, but that would lay to waste such a gorgeous day, quite a dilemma. Any suggestions?

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