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I just read that Mancow is dropping his lawsuit against the Censorship crusader David Edward Smith. Mancow says he accomplished what he wanted. To bring awareness of the threat of losing our first ammendment right. Ironically, Smith says he and his group have accomplished what they wanted. According to them Mancow has cleaned up the content of his show. It seems Mancow’s lawsuit would have ended up dismissed, anyway. I do not personally appreciate the content of Mancow’s show either. I find it offensive. So I did what any good American consumer would do: I changed the station. And, this is my advice to Smith and his over-zealous, puritanical Christian group. There are plenty of Christian radio stations with very good programming in Chicago, that are safe for all in the family. Two Christian radio stations in Chicago signed off for lack of funding. All that money they spend trying to force others into transmitting programs to their liking could have been spent to save those radio stations. Let’s be wise.

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  1. (unregistered) on August 15th, 2004 @ 6:53 am

    Please don’t lump all Christians together in some stereotypical soup. Just as you would hate all bloggers to be lumped together or all 20-somethings. There is the Christian-Right and the Christian-Left and a bunch of folks in between. I’m a member of the Christian-Left…neither GWB nor Jerry Falwell nor David Edward Smith speak for me. I just change the channel and, for the record, I can’t stand Christian radio. Sorry. I read and I don’t think I could sit through 5 minutes of the 700 club.
    Be careful of the broad brush.

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