More theatres, less cineplexes

Chicago is low on theatres. A lot of good ones have closed down in recent history. Sure, you can see a blockbuster within a couple miles of your house any day of the week, but the lack of good theatres is making it harder to go see good movies without a multigazillion dollar marketing campaign.
I really wanted to go see Napoleon Dynamite as soon as it came out. I was so excited. I told all my friends. They got so excited. But it was only playing in Evanston (far away) or at Century Centre (pain in the ass to get to with public transportation, expensive parking). So everyone was a flake because it was so inconvenient. And I still haven’t seen it.
Same thing with Garden State. Only playing at 2 theatres in the city. Looks awesome, but why isn’t it at Webster Place if it’s not at City North? Or the Davis? Oh, I know… Because City North is too busy with such fine films as “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” and “White Chicks”.
I am not saying we need 50 new theatres…just more theatres that play good movies.

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