Our governor, the drug smuggler

This is a great headline: “Ill. plans online network to import drugs
I am all about cheaper prescription drugs. As someone who lives life on the edge with no health insurance, this would be of great service to me. In my opinion, we should have some sort of emergency nationalized healthcare (check out my post on this, complete with hot headed commentary from a gentleman I google-stalked and found to be an middle-aged cop in Florida)
However, the ethical implications of importing drugs from other countries that are not under the umbrella of the FDA is somewhat frightening. Blagojevich must have a lot of faith in this program, because his ass is grass if any side effects go awry.

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  1. Ben (unregistered) on December 7th, 2005 @ 5:39 pm

    Normally, I let the democracy thing slide because it’s difficult for some to understand, but due to the ignorance of the post you referenced (tripindicular) – I’m forced to be extra critical here.

    Also, I realize that your post was from May of 2004, so maybe you’ve wised up since then.

    First off – we don’t live in a democracy.

    Secondly, the gentleman you were debating, who is a law enforcement worker, said he shouldn’t be forced to pay for your birth control through his labor.

    You responded, “well, i foot the bill for your salary, and you don’t see me bitching.” Are you always so selfish and ungrateful? Do you not realize the difference between paying for law enforcement and paying for birth control?

    You seem to think that the government should provide almost everything for its citizens. You obviously don’t have a grasp on the way our government is SUPPOSED to work. Check out the constitution just ONCE and see what the government is for.

    Free healthcare? Do you understand how expensive that would be? Free healthcare means that I am paying for everyone elses healthcare. Just like the gentleman you completely disrespected said, why should I be forced to pay for your behavior.

    Free healthcare would also mean that the government controls your body. When that happens, they OWN you.

    I am very embarrassed for you by the way you treated that law enforcement worker. Hopefully one of these days your head will deflate.

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