A media outlet has a political agenda? No way.

The Sun-Times and The Trib are duking it out in the name of journalistic ethics. Tribune editor William Rood printed a first person account of his time served in Vietnam with Kerry. This, in the heat of the battle between Kerry and Swift Boat Veterans.
Bear in mind, I am fully voting for Kerry in November. I think the ads are a load of shit. But I also know a thing or two about journalistic integrity, and I don’t appreciate the news shoveling their opinion down my throat. I look to the Trib for its unbiased account of events in the world. In this case, I say “Badly done, Tribune, badly done”.
To be fair, I read this article in The Washington Post, which is always a pillar of objectivity. Yeah.

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  1. morgen (unregistered) on August 24th, 2004 @ 10:48 am

    Why did this particular thing piss you off? It seems like the news is constantly shoveling their opinions down our throats. It’s all they do. It’s their function now. The media shouldn’t be allowed to even use the word integrity. I do, however, like America’s finest news source, The Onion.

  2. JosephFinn (unregistered) on August 24th, 2004 @ 11:23 am

    Of course, I wouldn’t trust anything I see in UPI, being owned by the Moonies.

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