(Do Not) Steal This Post

An item of note for “bloggers” everywhere:
Caroline Dwyer (edit: link deleted because it’s gone) has been pissing off a lot of internet writers (see Tequila Mockingbird and our city’s own Sour Bob, to name just two).
It appears her website consists entirely of other peoples’ online journals and claims them as her own. To paraphrase (not plagiarize) someone else’s confusion: why? There’s no money in this. Is her life really that nonexistent or lame that she has to pilfer others’ lives?
Plagiarism isn’t her only (illegal) hobby. A lot of people went to a little trouble to find out she’s also an au pair who has been ripping off unsuspecting parents, recently right here in Chicagoland. Look out, parents. She may still be in town, looking for another job.
Incidentally, does this mean Sour Bob has come out of hiding? If so, welcome back, Bob. We missed you. (In case you were wondering, I asked the owner of that site if I could quote her. In the end, I just linked to her.)
Feel free to pass this information on to others. IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
In other unrelated thoughts, I still love the word “Chicagoland.”

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  1. Tom (unregistered) on August 30th, 2004 @ 3:53 am

    Well well well. It seems the culprit’s website has gone MIA. But I believe the ultimatum was to REPLACE it with an apology, not just delete it?
    Carolyn? Hello?
    I’m still waiting for Sour Bob (and everyone else) to retaliate anyway.

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