Star-bucking the procedures

I was downtown today and, as habit would require, went into Starbucks on North Michigan Avenue (across from the Intercontinental). It seemed to take a while for my beverage to be ready, and I wondered for a moment whether I had heard the cashier call out my half-caf soy no foam extra shot sugarless latte in a double cup. (Actually, I just ordered a caramel macchiato).
Turns out my hunch was right — he had not called out said order. Why? Because this Starbucks has a machine print out the orders at the barista station. A sticker was attached to the side of my cup, indicating my order, the time it was taken, the cashier’s name (“Andrew” seemed like a nice guy), and that it was 1 of 1 drink.
I can understand why an incredibly high volume Starbucks like this could use a bit more efficiency, but this seems like a step away from the personal touch.
In California, I’ve noticed the Starbucks there almost always ask for your name, and they write that on the cup to make sure you get your order. My friend Therese gives “Jane” as her “coffee name”, because Therese is just too difficult for Starbucks people to comprehend. Sadly.

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  1. Chicago Chick (unregistered) on September 11th, 2004 @ 3:54 am

    It’s sad that everything has become so “dummy proof” – like people working at Starbucks or the bank don’t need to know how to speak or make change. I think it’s the beginning of making us more stupid.

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