Obama vs Keyes, Round One

So tonight’s the night. The first of three debates between Barack Obama and Alan Keyes will happen at 7:00 PM CST. Unfortunately, tonight’s debate will not be televised, you can only hear it on the radio. You can locate a station that’s broadcasting it, check out the Illinois Radio Network. If you’re out of range of any of these stations, you can get a live webcast on WJBC.

Things are bound to get a little wacky tonight, as Keyes has been anything but rational and calm in this race. I’m looking forward to hearing Obama calmly deliver the smackdown on this fool. The next two debates will fortunately be televised, so I’ll be able to see, as well as hear all of the excitement.

Seriously, I do think it’s important that people actually hear the things Keyes has in mind for this state if he wins. Even if you consider him a joke (as many people do), it still makes sense to know exactly who the Illinois Republican party felt would best represent you in the Senate. After Jack Ryan and Mike Ditka, of course. Kinda makes you wonder if there are any serious Illinois Republicans left or if they’ve all fled the state for greener pastures?

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