Lying about science is FUNNY

I get Tribune Daywatch headlines sent to me, and about died when I saw the following headline in the title…

CBS is planning to destroy Chicago

Oh, those copywriters and journalists are so funny. OK, so CBS destroying Chicago is a lie. They are just planning on making a movie that DEPICTS Chicago being destroyed. That is also a lie. Because Chicago gets destroyed by a ….. HURRICANE?

Of all of the natural distaters that can befall this city (tornado, earthquake, fire, blizzard, etc) they had to pick to one that is GEOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. Because that just makes it more fun. The writers obviously failed out of geography or else they would have known that Chicago is about as far away as you can get from any source of salt water. And hurricanes only occur in salt water environments.

Basically, it looks like it will be “The Day After Tomorrow”, but less scientifically plausible, smaller budget, and made for TV. Sounds like a real winner to me.

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