Voting is SEXY!


I voted this morning with little problems. It seems we are pretty lucky in Chicago when it comes to polling facilities, since I passed 50 blamillion polling places on my way to work. The only problem I had was them thinking I had already voted that morning, since my sister had just been in 20 minutes before.

And seriously, the punch card thing? I hate it. It sucks, it makes a sucky noise when you punch, and it wears down your fingers. I did my planning for all the judges that were included on the ballot, which meant I had to punch infinity holes. And they are so fricking close together. Total suckage, and I can see why ballot recounting would be a pain in the ass. Because VOTING is a pain in the ass.

And I was really bummed that I didn’t get my sticker. So our accountant Scott gave me a Lisa Frank sticker for my paper receipt. And then I made everyone in the office stickers out of an old bumper sticker. Wheeee, voting!

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