Farmer’s Pride

I may not go as far as this Chicago blogger in my hatred of corporate groceries, but I’m no fan of those stores either. At least, I went far enough this summer to find out what my local alternatives were, and it seems I’m now reaping the benefits. Farmer’s Pride Produce, at the southwest corner of Chicago and Western Avenues, may not have the selection and variety of your Jewel or Dominick’s, but let’s face it, who does. What they do have is a little common decency and respect for their customers.

In the past I’ve been amazed at their skills in separating my groceries from the people in front and behind me at the low-tech checkout counter. Well, just yesterday, they made a mistake. They left out one sixty-nine cent item from my bags. Since they had already rung me up, I was willing to forget that one thing; I didn’t really need a yogurt snack and was just trying it out this one time. The checkout guy, who I think owns or at least manages the place, insisted on throwing it in my bags anyway at no extra charge. As I was leaving, he said to me, “that’s on the house.” This was enough to impress me and fill me with good will, but he wasn’t talking about just a stupid yogurt. When I got home and unloaded my groceries, I found a huge Entenmann’s danish that wasn’t in my cart or on my receipt.

He so didn’t have to do that. I know he made a mistake, but it was in my favor. Now, what would Jewel/Osco have done in that situation? (WWJOD?) Farmer’s Pride, you have a new loyal customer. If only you sold dog food, I wouldn’t have to go near the new Dominick’s that’s rumored to replace the Edmar’s Foods near Chicago and Damen.

If you need any other reason to shop at Farmer’s Pride, I found this online coupon when researching for this post.

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