FlckrSurf Chicago

photo by Dshot

The photo-sharing service Flickr lets users “tag” their photos with descriptive words. And then other users can browse pages of photos with the same tag from multiple users. FlickrSurf! (I just made that up. It sounds dumb. I hope it catches on.)

There are currently 2536 photos tagged Chicago. About 1000 of those are pictures of the Bean. (Excuse me, “Cloudgate”. I kid. 500 at most.) You can also make custom RSS feeds that show you the 10 most recent photos with a specified tag. Here’s an RSS 2.0 feed of “Chicago”-tagged photos.

Also, Flickr makes it easy for users to put a Creative Commons license on their photos so, for example, it’s totally legal for me to use the photo above as long as I give credit to Dshot.

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