Illinois – Still not as liberal as California

The Illinois Senate shot down a measure that would have endorsed stem cell research by a very very narrow margin, missing just 2 of the votes needed to make it official (28 yays to 29 nays). Had this bill passed, it would have been part of official state policy.

California is still the only state to have approved stem cell research at the state level, and Wisonsin has a similar proposal in the pipeline. If Wisconsin’s gets approved, that would just be embarrassing for us. Wisconsin, people! Our red-headed step-child!

On a good note, Carol Ronen will be back with her fighting gloves on in January to help push through an amendment to the state’s human rights law that would make discrimination against gays and lesbians just as illegal as regular discrimination. No shit? Maybe we aren’t all barbarians. Is anyone else totally surprised that a measure like this is just coming up? It seems to me that such a right is already in place. Maybe in the Bill of Rights? I guess we just need further reinforcement at the state level.

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