No Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for you

Santa is going to have a hard time telling anxious children that the present they want can land them up to a year in prison or a $5,000 fine if Gov. Blagojevich’s plan goes through. He has proposed a ban on selling “violent and sexually explicit video games” to minors.

Will he have any luck? It’s doubtful, considering the measure has flopped when brought up in other states.

I understand parents getting their panties in a twist about the rash of violent video games, but most games like Grand Theft Auto and Halo 2 aren’t designed with little Billy in mind. Survey says, they average age of gamers is … drumroll please … 29! And game companies market to their largest demographic. It’s one of those things they probably picked up in business school.

If you want to keep your kids from buying crap like this, here is a novel idea: pay more attention to them and be involved in what they do. And if Billy has the $50 to plop down for games like these, the content of the game shouldn’t be the only thing you are concerned about. But, for the love of god, no more regulations. Seriously.

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