Complaining is for Babies

So you can call me Baby. After a horrendous experience of having my entire back shock on my car ripped out of my trunk and lodged into my wheel well, I wish I had filed a complaint with the city. But, I am lazy and that was almost a month ago. However, you should not pass up the chance to throw a temper tantrum. You can report pot holes on the City of Chicago website, and file a claim with the City Clerk.

But that wasn’t even really what I was looking for when I found this. I was looking for a way to bitch and moan about totally counter-intuitive traffic signals. Like the light at Belmont, Western and Clybourn. On rare occasion I find myself with the need to make a hard left from Clybourn to Western southbound. Unfortunately, when I get the green, eastbound Belmont also has a green turn arrow. This gives 2 colliding cars both the right of way. Awesome.

Also, at Belmont, Elston, and California. If you are turning left from southbound Elston onto eastbound Belmont, oncoming traffic has a longer green (after the southbound light turns red) stranding you in the middle of the road. And that just makes you feel like a dumbnut.

Anyone know where I can go to bitch on my soapbox? I went to CDOT, but there was nothing. Dammmm.

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  1. CP (unregistered) on March 4th, 2005 @ 2:12 pm

    Wobie, you’re being kind of a baby.

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