Hey Big Spender, Why Don’t You Buy Me a Absolut(tm) Appletini?

We went to Sweet Charity Tuesday night at Broadway in Chicago at the Cadillac Palace Theatre. (Mini-review: Christina Applegate dances pretty good for a former sitcom star. Northwestern grad and former Chicago actor Denis O’Hare seems to have wandered in from a different looser, and funnier, play. Save yourself the $82 ticket and buy a copy of the 1969 movie with Shirley MacLaine. And it’s only in Chicago for another two days, anyway.)

Anyway, in the middle of the first act, Vittorio orders a gran-something tequila. It sailed right on by until intermission when I was flipping through the program, as one does, and there was a full page ad for Gran Centenario tequila. I’d been product placed! In the script of a 35-year old musical! What’s next? Willy Loman casually hoisting a Pepsi? Falstaff ordering a Budweiser Select?

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