Circuit Court of Cook County and Security

Given the recent (and for me, really scary) attacks on Judges in the news, I figure I’d just write something about Court Security at most of the court houses in our City (and county).

At the juvenile court, I have not seen a single sheriff that escorts a minor wear his or her gun to court. The police are a different story. some do, some don’t. Allegedly, the police are supposed to store their guns in the CPD office in the basement of the building. That doesn’t happen too often.

From what I have seen, heard, and remember about the criminal court building, at 26th and California (referred to, by a member of my family as “The Street”) the sheriffs do not wear their guns as they are escorting prisoners either. The holding cells are directly behind the court rooms at The Street; according to the reports I heard on WBEZ, this was not the case at the Atlanta court house.

As for screening, all personal except lawyers, judges and police officers have to go through the metal detector lines. Even POs have to get screened. When the news reports come in that court houses have been made more secure, they’re telling the truth. Each court house is like a fortress, even for some of the employees.

Anyway, just in case anyone was wondering about Chicago Courts…

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