Our Fave “Places We’re Going Again Now That It’s Warm(ish)”

Welcome to a new feature on the Chicago Metblog — a periodic round-up of our favorite somethings. This week, in honor of the inching-into-tolerable temperatures, it’s our favorite “place in Chicago that you’ll start going again that you didn’t all winter because it was cold but now the weather’s getting nice again.”

Fuzzy says:

The lake path, on my bike. I’ve set myself the rule that when the temperature is over 50° in the morning, I have to ride to work. Of course, when weather did get up into the 70°s in early April, I was sick and so excused myself from my rule. And then it got cold again. And the first morning it does crack 50° again, I’m sure my tires will be flat. Maybe I’d better go check my bike now…

Jennifer says:

I’ll find myself at the Gethsemane Garden Center on North Clark Street. I somehow just turn up there. I never plan it.

Lauren says:

The dog park at Hamlin Park – one of my favorite escapes in the summer. I would love to take Truffle (my chocolate lab) there year-round, but it is always too dark by them time I get home from work. Now that it is staying lighter later in the day, she can have puppy play dates all the time. The other dogs there are awesome, and Truffle has her favorites. Her most recent best friend is a little Terrier pup who we think has a crush on her. He keeps “presenting”.

Nikkos says:

The beach. Duh.
Wrigley, baby! (once).
Miko’s Italian Ice on Damen. The one, the only, the BEST italian ice in the citay.
Wiconsin River for drunken canoe trip with friends. Yes, rumors of the nude beach are true. No, I haven’t patronized it.
STILL not going to Pontiac. (My scooter, canine, disaffection and hipster haircut are all in the shop.)

Roderick says:

Since I’m a relative newcomer to Chicago, my answer: everywhere. I’m going to hit all of the festivals in all of the neighborhoods. I’m going to walk everywhere, take in the not-so-fresh Chicago air, and get a good answer for next year.

Steven says:

Easy. Outside. Winter sucks simply for the fact that it’s way too cold out to go and enjoy a simple day of walking around, enjoying the city. When it finally gets warm, the best thing to do is to just step outside and take a walk. I love just walking out in the morning on the weekends, in jeans and a t-shirt, and heading down the street to get a bagel and coffee. Perfect morning. Well, morning sex helps too, but you know what I mean.

Tankboy says:

To be honest my favorite spot would have to be my backyard. I’ve always tried to live in places with a roomy backyard since I own a dog but last summer we moved into my girlfriend’s house in Galewood and man-oh-man if it isn’t nice sitting in a lawn chair, sipping a beer, barbequing a hamburger and reading a nice fat book whilst the dogs run around your feet. Something is just magical about that.

My second favorite spot is the Pontiac. I’m there all year round but once Summer hits it’s open season on making fun of passerby whilst lounging on the patio and that’s always pretty sweet.

Tom says:

how about my back porch?

btw anyone wanna come have a cookout – on my back porch – this weekend?

(Thanks to our DC Metblog brethren for the faves list idea.)

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  1. Erin (unregistered) on May 5th, 2005 @ 12:13 pm

    ooh I like the dissenting options about the Pontiac… one of you lives there one of you obviously dispises it. Very very interesting.

    I personally liked it circa ’98 – before the added those fences– everyone spralled around! Feels too constrained now. I agree with one of you, my backyard is best. (and the lake!)

  2. Alana Waters (unregistered) on May 5th, 2005 @ 3:14 pm

    I was decompressing. Sorry!

    Here’s mine:

    On my motorcycle, tooling my way to any one of Chicago’s fabulous kitschy eateries. Superdawg, Lindy’s, you name it.

    If it’s late on a summer evening and I want to go for a ride, I typically wind up out on the beach by the planetarium. That’s my favorite view of the city.

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