Chicago exit
Photo taken through a dirty windshield, of a moving car, by the driver. Sorry.

I’ve only done this once, and didn’t do it on my trip to Indiana today, but I do know I’m not the only one who’s done it…

So you’re driving to Indiana and you decide it’s worth $2.50 to save some time, so you take 90 and the Skyway and you finally get into Indiana and then you get onto 65 and you drive for a few miles and you see a sign that says “80-94 to Chicago” and you’re kind of in a driving daze and you think “Chicago? I live in Chicago. I’d bettter take that exit.” And you do and instantly realize that you are a dumbass and that now you’ve wasted all that time you saved because you’re going to have to drive 5 miles to the next exit and do some awkward clover-leafing to get headed south again.

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