Too Hot this weekend


According to, this Friday is setting up to be a record-breaking hot day. Starting tomorrow, and with no end in sight soon, temperatures are going to crawl up and hover around the mid-80’s – 90’s. But I’ve got you covered. Here are some ways to stay cool this weekend.

1. Go to the beach: A clean one, hopefully. This is not a place for germaphobes. The water will hopefully be warmer by then, as it was toe-freezing cold 2 weeks ago when I went. Want to get away from the hoards of crowds? Head up to Foster Beach. Parking still blows, but it is typically less crowded than the downtown beaches, and still pretty clean.

2. Go to the pool: The majority of the park district’s outdoor pools opened last weekend, and open swim is open to all. To find a pool closest to you, search for open swim on the park district site. Some of the pools are indoors, so make sure to check the park details for outdoor facilities.

3. Go get ice cream: And there is no shortage of places for this. Feeling picky? Go to Cold Stone. Feeling mom and pop-y? Go to Mario and Gino’s. Feeling like hanging out for a while? Go to Zephyr. Feeling historic? Go to Mario’s Italian Lemonade (OMG, their cantaloupe ice is AMAZING)

Or you could just crank up the window unit and nap. But that is far less exciting.

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