I’m definitely renewing my subscription to MAD.

With all the head-scratching and outrage that followed the Trib’s Best 50 Magazines list I think the editor of pick number forty-three is the best:

alfred_e_newman.jpgThe editor of MAD magazine expressed outrage today after learning that The Chicago Tribune had named MAD as one of their “50 Best Magazines.” “It’s a disgrace that with 17,500 periodicals in print, this supposedly respected newspaper would single MAD out for, of all things, excellence,” said Editor John Ficarra, barely containing his furor. “It’s further evidence of a growing decline in the standards of our culture in general, and of the lack of judgment of this paper in particular. It’s just the type of thing we’re always railing about in MAD’s pages.”

Growing red in the face and pounding his desk for emphasis, Ficarra continued, “Frankly, it makes us distrustful of anything that The Chicago Tribune reports. Are their headlines legitimate? Can their sports scores be trusted?”

After several more minutes and the administering of a sedative, a groggy Ficarra concluded, “And we only ranked #43?!? Behind Time, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker? What’s THAT all about?” (full story)

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