Live from County Negotitaions

As part of my duties as a county employee, I’m a member of the union negotiation team. That means I get to help create and revise the next county contract. Today we received the County’s Economic proposals.

Just so you know, these negotiations impact a number of county services; if you live in Chicago, these negotiations will affect you. You can get a PDF list of the here.

Anyway, in order to prepare their economic proposal, the cash strapped county–which according to Cook County Commissioner John Daley (yes, that Daley family) is working under a 200 million structural deficit–spent $200,000 on consultants for their health care proposals.

According to this article, that is $200,000 that could have been handled by county employees.

I could go on and on about pay cuts, hiring freezes and county lay-offs, but it’s a moot point. The fact is the county doesn’t really know how to take care of its money or its citizens.

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