27. Chicago: B+

So, Chicago, according to Men’s Health, falls at #27 on the most active cities list. (Behind folks like DC, Seattle, Honolulu, Dallas, Portland, and San Fransisco…but outranking Philadelphia and Boston, at least.)

After spending a week wandering around Chicago, this sorta makes sense to me. It’s nice to walk around Chicago. Something in the air invites walkers, joggers, skaters, and bikers, at least in the city. (Although I think that might be a seasonal thing…) Plus, Chicago doesn’t get hit with the weird “air quality danger warnings” that keep people on the coasts inside. (Or rather, you don’t seem to get them as often.)

SO…is 27th (of 101) most active city about what you’d expect?

More reading: The whole list @ BostonChannel

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  1. spudart (unregistered) on August 10th, 2005 @ 9:27 am

    Do you have a specific link to this “most active cities” list? Your link just goes to the Mens Health homepage. I tried searching for “most active cities” on their site and came up with: The Cities with the Best Abs, Worst Flab and The Best and Worst Cities for Men List, but no “most active cities list.” Then again, I’m not even sure if my links will work, because it looks like the URL is session based. So here’s the actual lists:

    Best Abs

    1. San Francisco, CA

    2. Oakland, CA

    3. Austin, TX

    4. Boston, MA

    5. Washington, DC

    6. Portland, OR

    7. Santa Ana, CA

    8. Anaheim, CA

    9. Seattle, WA

    10. Sacramento, CA

    11. Honolulu, HI

    12. Colorado Springs, CO

    13. Atlanta, GA

    14. Denver, CO

    15. Los Angeles, CA

    16. Albuquerque, NM

    17. Chicago, IL

    18. Dallas, TX

    19. Aurora, CO

    20. Long Beach, CA

    21. San Diego, CA

    22. Pittsburgh, PA

    23. San Jose, CA

    24. Minneapolis, MN

    25. Raleigh, NC

    26. Charlotte, NC

    27. Tucson, AZ

    28. New York, NY

    29. Omaha, NE

    30. Toledo, OH

    Worst Flab

    1. St. Louis, MO

    2. Cleveland, OH

    3. Memphis, TN

    4. Jacksonville, FL

    5. Detroit, MI

    6. Virginia Beach, VA

    7. El Paso, TX

    8. Buffalo, NY

    9. Indianapolis, IN

    10. Oklahoma City, OK

    11. Milwaukee, WI

    12. Fresno, CA

    13. Arlington, TX

    14. Fort Worth, TX

    15. Nashville-Davidson, TN

    16. Columbus, OH

    17. Tampa, FL

    18. Cincinnati, OH

    19. Kansas City, MO

    20. Las Vegas, NV

    21. Tulsa, OK

    22. Philadelphia, PA

    23. Wichita, KS

    24. San Antonio, TX

    25. Baltimore, MD

    26. New Orleans, LA

    27. Houston, TX

    28. Miami, FL

    29. Mesa, AZ

    30. Phoenix, AZ


    1 Fremont, CA: A+ A+ A A+

    2 Madison, WI: A A+ B+ A

    3 Anaheim, CA: A+ B+ A A

    4 Austin, TX: A+ A A- A

    5 Plano, TX: A A+ A- A

    6 Anchorage, AK: A A A+ A

    7 Honolulu, HI: A+ A B A

    8 Santa Ana, CA: A+ B A A

    9 Colorado Springs, CO: A A B+ A

    10 San Francisco, CA: A B+ A- A

    11 Albuquerque, NM: A+ B+ D A-

    12 Minneapolis, MN: A B A A-

    13 Oakland, CA: A C+ A A-

    14 Raleigh, NC: B A+ B+ A-

    15 San Jose, CA: B+ B+ A+ A-

    16 Washington, DC: A B A+ A-

    17 Aurora, CO: A B+ A- A-

    18 Scottsdale, AZ: B+ A+ C+ A-

    19 Seattle, WA: A B A B+

    20 Boston, MA: A B B B+

    21 Chandler, AZ: B A+ C+ B+

    22 San Diego, CA: B+ A B B+

    23 Omaha, NE: A B C+ B+

    24 Chula Vista, CA: B+ B+ B B+

    25 Atlanta, GA: B B A B

    26 Denver, CO: B+ B A- B

    27 Corpus Christi, TX: A+ C+ F B

    28 Charlotte, NC: B B+ C+ B

    29 Durham, NC: C+ A+ B+ B

    30 Yonkers, NY: A C+ D B

    31 Portland, OR: B+ C+ B B

    32 Garland, TX: B B A- B

    33 Sacramento, CA: A C B- B

    34 Lincoln, NE: B A B- B

    35 Glendale, CA: B B C- B

    36 Glendale, AZ: B B C+ B-

    37 St. Paul, MN: B B A B-

    38 Mesa, AZ: B C+ C+ B-

    39 Chicago, IL: B C+ B+ B-

    40 Phoenix, AZ: B C+ C+ B-

    41 Chesapeake, VA: C A+ C- B-

    42 Dallas, TX: B C A- B-

    43 Henderson, NV: C+ A D C+

    44 Baton Rouge, LA: B C+ D C+

    45 Jersey City, NJ: B C D+ C+

    46 Greensboro, NC: C+ A F C+

    47 Long Beach, CA: B C C- C+

    48 Laredo, TX: A D+ F C+

    49 Virginia Beach, VA: B A C- C+

    50 Tucson, AZ: B+ C F C+

    51 Los Angeles, CA: B D+ C- C+

    52 Wichita, KS: C+ C+ D+ C

    53 Lexington, KY: C A+ D C

    54 Arlington, TX: C B+ B C

    55 Riverside, CA: C+ C+ C- C

    56 Kansas City, MO: C+ C+ C+ C

    57 Columbus, OH: C C+ B- C

    58 Bakersfield, CA: B C+ D- C

    59 Pittsburgh, PA: B C F C

    60 Orlando, FL: C B C C

    61 El Paso, TX: B+ D F C

    62 Houston, TX: C C B C

    63 Nashville, TN: D+ B+ C C

    64 Montgomery, AL: C B F C-

    65 Toledo, OH: B F D- C-

    66 San Antonio, TX: C+ C D C-

    67 Lubbock, TX: C B F C-

    68 Las Vegas, NV: C+ C D C-

    69 Spokane, WA: C+ C F C-

    70 Hialeah, FL: B F F C-

    71 Akron, OH: B D+ D- C-

    72 Tampa, FL: C+ C+ F C-

    73 Fort Worth, TX: C C B C-

    74 Indianapolis, IN: D+ B B- C-

    75 St. Petersburg, FL: C+ C F C-

    76 Norfolk, VA: C C C- C-

    77 Newark, NJ: C F B+ C-

    78 Miami, FL: B F F D+

    79 Tulsa, OK: C C+ D- D+

    80 New York, NY: C D+ D D+

    81 Rochester, NY: C+ F D- D+

    82 Stockton, CA: C D C- D+

    83 Cincinnati, OH: C C C- D+

    84 Oklahoma City, OK: D+ C+ F D+

    85 Modesto, CA: C C D D+

    86 New Orleans, LA: C C F D+

    87 Fort Wayne, IN: D+ C D- D+

    88 Fresno, CA: C+ F F D+

    89 Jacksonville, FL: D C+ C- D

    90 Tacoma, WA: D D+ C+ D

    91 Louisville, KY: D+ D+ D- D

    92 Memphis, TN: D D+ C- D

    93 Milwaukee, WI: D+ F C- D-

    94 Buffalo, NY: C F F D-

    95 Birmingham, AL: D- D F D-

    96 Baltimore, MD: F F C+ D-

    97 Cleveland, OH: D+ F F F

    98 Philadelphia, PA: F F C- F

    99 Shreveport, LA: F C F F

    100 Detroit, MI: F F C+ F

    101 St. Louis, MO: F F D+ F

  2. suzanne (unregistered) on August 10th, 2005 @ 9:42 am

    The link to the list is here (and in the “More reading” bit at the bottom of the entry: http://www.thebostonchannel.com/health/4827887/detail.html

    This list is in their Sept. print issue so I expect it won’t hit the Men’s Health site for a few days.

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