Warning: Job Blog Ahead

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When I start thinking about a blog entry about the court, I worry about how it may affect me or the clients I serve. I don’t worry so much on how it would affect my colleagues, co-workers or supervisors; however, I do try hard to keep my comments civil, just in case.

That was until I read Fuzzy’s entry on blogs. I do not want to have to bite Fuzzy. If I get a memo that says I’m in trouble for blogging, I’ll post it here….

There are certain lawyers, even the underpaid, under appreciated lawyers at Juvenile Court, that I simply cannot stand. These are the lawyers that believe that kids should get the death penalty, specifically by being “flung into a wood chipper, like in Fargo.” Granted, I work with kids who have committed some exceptionally heinous crimes, but that does not seem to fit the ideals of the juvenile court.

These are also the same lawyers who, on one hand, claim to only divert cases (that’s put into a special 1 year program) that they can prove in court…and with the other hand sign documents that say, “not enough to file full charges, divert the case.” Okay, I’ll be more fair–they don’t sign it with the other hand, they have a stamp that says “Not enough to file charges, Divert”

I know that to be a lawyer you have to have a certain degree of moral flexibility–but this degree of moral flexibility when dealing with kids is uncalled for.

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