Wherein a Metroblogger briefly compares and contrasts Chicago and Atlanta.

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So I was in Atlanta over the weekend. Great times, great city. Probably the best part of the weekend was hanging out in a little bar–the Independent–and reminiscing with old chicago friends. Since it was that type of a weekend, I can’t give a really detailed report on Atlanta…so here’s a brief one.

I only visited a few parts of Atlanta–Buckhead (a lot like a frat house), Little Five Points (Wicker Park) and Virginia Highlands (Gold Coast). Significantly more trees all over the place. Atlanta, for those that don’t know, is one of two cities in the world that classifies as an urban forest.

What makes the parts of Atlanta that I visited stand out most is the obscene number of (badly) dyed Blondes. Not just women, but men too. Seriously. Lots of fake blondes.

The difference in the weather wasn’t that great–both cities have hot, humid summers. The folk in Little Five Points were more friendly than those in the Highlands and Buckhead. Still, they weren’t unfriendly either.

So, to sum up Atlanta: mostly friendly strangers, great friends and a kick ass bar called the Independent.

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