Modern Robin Hood is teh suxx0rz!

A Chicago man recently found himself the victim of some unwanted donation to the Red Cross in his name. Brian Krebs from wrote an article about Robin Hood identity theft, in which credit card numbers are stolen, and then donations are made to the Red Cross using these numbers.

[01:24] lowlife: lolz…love to donate with ripppp cc;s

[01:25] lamer: yea man

[01:25] sleazeball: :D

[01:25] lamer: its good especially with katrina and all now

[01:25] lowlife: yah//// i would have donated more

[01:25] lowlife: but no $$ left in the cc

[01:25] sleazeball: lolz

[01:26] lowlife: yeh i guess :) feeling so good

[01:26] lowlife: i am a very good person

[01:26] lowlife: :P

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