Sun-Times Thingy

Sun-Times 9/15/05

OK, this isn’t my usual Sun-Times Thing, although there is a certain weird/ironic synergy between the Baghdad’s Deadliest Day headline and the image of Alderman Natarus being carted away in an ambulance, especially since he had just given an impassioned speech for bringing US troops home from Iraq.

But what I really want to point out is above that headline. Is there no one at the Sun-Times who thought, “hey, if we’re going to go with ‘Baghdad’s Deadliest Day’ as our banner headline, maybe we should move Ditz-of-the-Millennium’s new baby somewhere else on the page.” Seriously, even “Dress code for cabbies?” has more dignity than Britney’s vapid half-wave.

And, man, what a week for the Chicago City Council. Yesterday it’s the foie gras ban, which would affect about 2 people (and I loved that Illinois has a bill banning foie gras production in progress — which would affect the zero farms in Illinois where foie gras is produced). And today it’s withdrawing troops from Iraq, which is very serious, but entirely symbolic (it’s not exactly in their jurisdiction) and… dress codes for cabbies. As long as my cabbie isn’t drunk like that one guy who always waits in the cab pool outside my office, I don’t really care if he wears clothes at all. (Well, maybe I do if there are four of us and one of us is going to have to sit up front.)

Ooohh… I could win an iPod in a News Trivia Contest? Cool, news is trivia and never deals with anything that could actually affect us ever. Good thing I’m easily distracted…

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