EZ Activism in Ten Minutes Flat

So I got one of those robo-calls the commenters in Tankboy’s post about the no-smoking ordinance were talking about. The call was basically a machine that would deliver my voice mail message of support to my alderman. (I suppose if I opposed the ban, they wouldn’t connect me. Don’t really know.)

Lame? Yes. Effective? I have no idea. Relevant? Probably. Why? Because too few people pick up the phone and call their government officials.

Here’s how in ten easy minutes you can become active in your government and sidestep the annoying robocallers. Enter these six phone numbers into your cell phone:

1) Your alderman. Click here or call 311 to find out who your alderman is and what his or her number is.

2) Mayor Daley at 311.

3) Senator Durbin at 202-224-2152

4) Senator Obama at 202-224-2854

5) Your representative’s phone number. Click here or call the House switchboard at 202- 224-3121.

6) President George W. Bush at 202-456-1111

That’s it. Enter those. That’s the hard work.

Now, the next time you’re stuck in traffic or have five minutes to kill before a meeting or hear something on the radio that makes you think “that’s so screwed up” or when you’re watching tv and wondering “who the hell’s going to rescue those people off those roofs?” you’ll be able to make the call in a jiffy.

Just state your name, address, and opinions. Really, you can be off the phone in less than a minute, so you won’t rack up cell costs. And, don’t think you have to be a policy wonk to share your thoughts. You don’t.

Effective? I don’t know. Satisfying? Yes, surprisingly. Relevant? All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men and women do nothing. — Edmund Burke.

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