Bottom of the Whateverith

So there’s all that stuff I said about not really being a sports fan nor a Sox fan. Oh, and did I mention that of sports, baseball is one of my least favorite (it’s so boooring)? Erica likes football and I’m a basketball kinda guy. And we’re packing to move. But who can resist the tension of The Longest Game in World Series History? Erica only made it to the middle of the 11th before she fell asleep on the couch, but I’m sitting here, packing tape forgotten in my hand, waiting for someone to win this goddamn game.

Update: Home run! And a walk-forced run! And they survive that error in the bottom of the 14th and… they win!

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  1. nikkos (unregistered) on October 26th, 2005 @ 8:30 am

    Sweep! Sweep! Sweep! Sweep! Go Go Sox!

  2. steven (unregistered) on October 26th, 2005 @ 8:53 am

    Allll that talk about Roy Oswalt being soooo great and fantastic and hard to beat and the greatest pitcher ever….he wasn’t so hot last night.

    And I’m sorry, but I’m a Cubs fan and there’s no way I’m rooting for Houston to win. Sure, the Sox are the cross-town rival, but Houston leaves a much more bitter taste in my mouth with their petty bickering and general annoyance.

  3. Fuzzy (unregistered) on October 26th, 2005 @ 9:24 am

    Everytime I see Oswalt’s jersey on the screen I think, “when did Patton Oswalt start playing baseball?”

    Every. time.

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