With weather like this…

So you wake up in the cold cold cold morning for work, get all bundled up, head out to your car…only to scream your bloody head off when it doesn’t start (which has happened to me). Or, even better, you’re driving to work and the car konks out (again…happened to me)…and you scream your bloody head off. Don’t want this to happen to you? Time to winterize your car. Chicago winters are rough enough…don’t get stuck somewhere on the expressway when it’s coming down by the inches and drivers are driving by ignoring you and splashing slush in your face and your toes suddenly become numb…..hasn’t happened to me (knock on wood), but I’m sure someone out there can relate. Find out how to winterize here (courtesy of the Sun-Times).

Then, next time you drive home and make it safe and sound and settle in with your hot toddy under the blanket to watch Charles in Charge reruns (or Saved by the Bell…if you’re one of those people), you’ll thank yourself.

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