Theiving Elsewhere in Chicago – Part II

This is an update to my first post about my adventures in ordering popcorn online (see Theiving Elsewhere in Chicago). You see, I have NOT learned my lesson and persist to order Christmas gifts online. I mean, COME ON, I’ve been ordering stuff online since I can’t remember when. But, I think that there seems to be an issue with popcorn.

So, after the Garrett’s debacle I decided to go with another local company, The Popcorn Factory, which is affiliated with 1-800-FLOWERS. I think that because I can log on and see my orders and the tracking info that I’m in the clear (think It turns out that the link to UPS which shows my tracking number is wrong – UPS cannot find the tracking number in its system even though UPS gave The Popcorn Factory the tracking number. Ugh – I cannot believe that my last bastion of shipping hope, UPS, failed me.

After explaining the issue to The Popcorn Factory customer service person (who was VERY nice by the way), they are overnighting my orders to their rightful owners. The customer service person also gave me their name and their contact information and promised to send me an e-mail with the tracking numbers of the overnight deliveries which will NOT be going via UPS or FedEx (DHL perhaps).

So, what could this mean for me?

1. I will no longer be ordering popcorn online EVER again.
2. I’m still not ordering from Garrett’s
3. If I ever lose my mind and decide to order popcorn online again, I will be ordering from The Popcorn Factory (the customer service was excellent).

I just hope that I’ve learned my lesson!

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