Sports Roundup

In case you haven’t heard, the Rolling Stones lost the Superbowl, 2-0, as the words “come” and “cock” were wrestled away from them during their performance of the songs “Start Me Up” and “Rough Justice.” In other news, the Steelers and Seahawks handed this author a sweet victory in the squares game he played at an XL party with the numbers 7 and 3 at halftime and 1 and 0 at the end of the game. Two out of four quarters is not too shabby, let me tell you.

We turn to basketball and … the Bulls … ummm … we have nothing. Hockey apparently has returned, but I see no evidence here in Chicago. Bill Wirtz is still a prick though. Now, on to baseball.

The White Sox have finally done something that I care about, which is to snub George Bush and the obligatory visit to the White House. Not all of them, no, but apparently Ozzie Guillen and some others are just not excited enough to meet their President, so they’ll be taking a pass. General manager Ken Williams said that he disagrees with Bush on the war in Iraq (he may as well be a terrorist!) but has decided to make the trip anyway after “thinking long and hard about it,” according to today’s Sun-Times. Should be fun small talk between the guys! Do you think Bush will do his Sammy Sosa joke? Heh heh…

It’s true, most of the players not attending simply have better things to do. But Guillen, friend to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, has already been there in 2003 with the Florida Marlins, and he knows how lame these trips can be. Mayor Daley, who has been a tremendous ass-kisser to the current President, has reportedly expressed his disappointment by saying “I mean, come on, you know, geez, I, no, seriously, I mean it, gosh…” as his face flushed red and sweat dripped from his forehead. No wonder him and Bush get along so well.

In other sports news, the Olympics begin today in Turin, Italy, and skier Bode Miller is already butt-wasted right now. Have a great weekend everybody!

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