Did I Mention The Boobies?

Our very own lovely and talented Lauren Liss reported on the new cigarette tax hike last week.
Does the proposed hike piss you off?
Wanna protest?
Wanna get drunk and hear some music at the same time?
Wanna look at boobies?

If your answer to all of the above is “yes!” then get thee to the Double Door tonight.

The evening’s entertainment is in protest of the coming tax hike and features music from rockers Lucky Boys Confusion, as well as some hot burlesque action from Dirty Little Secret.

Now I can already hear ya whining, “But nikkos, it’s Monday night, I got shitfaced all weekend, I have to work tomorrow, and I already have plans to go out tomorrow night for Valentine’s Day. I can’t possibly abuse my wallet and my liver tonight and jeopardize my job and relationship tomorrow by attending this bash.”

To which I reply: did I mention the boobies?

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