Aranciata on my mind

aranciata.jpgI have a serious addiction to San Pellegrino Aranciata. I used to stock up on the 6-pack of cans that they had at Trader Joe’s… until they broke my heart and stopped restocking them. I tried to fill the void – Orangina, Orange Italian soda, regular Pellegrino with orange juice added – but nothing quite met my need. Too sweet, too bitter, too pulpy, too orange.

On the flip side, you might remember that I am totally obessed with Target (an obsession that was previously covered here, here, here, and here). I have been totally confused since just after Christmas, when they started totally rearranging the layout of the store. While I am still not completely sold on the new layout (why the hell is the luggage RIGHT NEXT TO the checkout?), you can imagine my extreme joy when I found that they are now carrying the 6-pack tiny bottles of Aranciata.

I’ve been home for about an hour, and have already chugged 2. Oh Target, you always know just the thing to do to get back in my good graces.

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