This Week in the World of Kanye West: “Strippers Are People Too”


Thanks to the sharp-eyes of my buddy Mike, I can bring you an update from the wild world of Chicago’s own Kanye West. It’s amazing the interesting things one can find when using the search term “porn.” Way to go Mike!

From msnbc:
Kanye West wants to set the record straight: He didn’t say he’s a sex addict, he just really, really loves porn. The rapper recently told Playboy that he watches porn videos or has porn up on his computer “at all times.” Now, he claims, those comments were taken out of context. “You sit down with these [bleeping] journalists and the second you say what you think, they use it against you,” West said at a London concert this week, reports ContactMusic. “I say, ‘Yeah, I like porn.’ Then it’s all: ‘Kanye West: Sex Addict’.”

From FemaleFirst:
Kanye West admits to his love of pornography
Hip-hop star KANYE WEST has spoken of his love for porn and strippers in a bid to smash his cleancut image.
But the JESUS WALKS rapper likes to have a serious conversation with the exotic dancers he comes across, in case they want to confide anything in him before they start gyrating.
He says, “Strippers are people too. I like to have a good conversation with them, hear about some of the things they’re going through.
“And there’s my extensive porno collection. “There’s always different girls you want to see, so I’ll just buy them all.”

Kanye reveals being a sex addict. Ye can’t keep it in his pants. That’s four times a night and another round in the morning. Word is the Louis Vutton Don’s addiction is so intense, he apparently travels with porn. “I have normal conversations all the time while I’m looking at these sites. … It’s an addiction,” West told Playboy Magazine. “Whenever we go to the porn store, we call it the crack house. I have porn on me at all times.” He evens tests shorties on the first date by playing porn when they come over. “That’s one of the old pimp moves, if the girl comes over, have porn playing,” West explained. “If she wants it turned off, I tell her I don’t know who left it on. “But if she says, ‘Hmmm, what’s this?’ then I keep it playing.” That would explain why West is only into porn and model types. Yet, it wasn’t always the case. The Chicagoan recalls losing his virginity to a rather chunky girl as a 17-year-old. “She had great titties, even by my standards today. She had a bit of a gut, though. I wouldn’t fuck with that now.”

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