Got a Ticket – Part 2

With the categories set, I feel like a lot of my posts are going to be rants. Honestly, I am a really nice person and a ton of fun (well, I used to be before kids and work took over my life). So, I went to court for my tickets (one for using a cell phone while driving and the other for having expired insurance). I had to pay the ticket for my cell phone, but got excused from the expired insurance. Fine – I paid the ticket.

But, on my way to work today I was driving behind someone putting eyeliner and mascara on. Did she get a ticket when she was driving past a police offier on the Kennedy? Nope! But then again, neither did the gentleman driving while reading. I think he was reading a magazine or a newspaper. Either way, his eyes certainly weren’t on the road while he was driving on the Kennedy this morning. BAH!!!!!

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