Better Living Through Chemistry

I’m going on my 3rd week of being sick – still coughing and hacking. You’d think that the forces of nature would give me a reprieve on child-rearing, but that isn’t the way it works. So, I’ve decided to try to make the screaming, crying, and begging more tolerable (mine and not the kids) by having a Chicago Chick Mama martini.

    Chicago Chick Mama Martini

    – Half coffee cup of Mountain Dew (or any other fizzy beverage in your house)
    – Ice cubes – mine seem to be garlic flavored for some reason
    – Shot of some fruity alcohol or vodka or whatever you have in the fridge
    – Shot of vodka – Effin Black Cherry maybe

Mix the Mountain Dew (or other fizzy beverage), ice cubes, and fruity alcohol into a coffee cup. Knock back the shot glass full of vodka. Fill the shot glass again with vodka and add to the coffee cup. Repeat this twice. Sit on the balcony in the drizzling rain and drink the contents of the coffee cup.

By the time I came back in, the screaming, crying and begging had stopped and was replaced by a pink fog. I think that some of it was brought on by the Robitussin that I had taken 30 minutes before I drank the alcoholic concoction. Lordy, I hope tomorrow is better.

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