Balls To Bush

Apparently the baseball season began last night! Seems a little soon, especially with the cold winds whipping outside and the rain falling and, what’s this?!? George W. Bush is throwing out the first ball today at the Cubs home opener in Cincinnati, holy shit! What kind of greeting will the Ohians give our failed leader, I wonder? It is rare that he ventures outside of his hand-picked audience bubble, so let’s hope that the real folks out there give him an appropriate salute. Or is it Diebold Day at the old ballpark? The state that decided the 2004 election needs to give something back to the smarter half of the country, I say. A resounding roar of disapproval would go a long way towards setting things right.

As for the Cubs, I am holding out little hope for this team to do anything, and so I will be treading very lightly around the sports section, perhaps glancing at the scores but not getting worked up one way or the other. There’s been too much bloodshed. Too much pain. At least the Walter E. Smithe thing isn’t real, but the $40 Bud Light Bleachers are, and this is the kind of thing that makes it easier to say goodbye. Rick Morrissey’s column the other daysaid it all: Please sell the team, Tribune Co.

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