I Don’t (Heart) Driving.

Sorry for not being around for a while; school’s been busy and I’ve been trying to be more proactive about “where I’m headed” in the fiction writing dept. Very time consuming.

But I’ve got a few things to say. Namely about the highways and their drivers (btw, I call every road with a speed limit of 55 or over a highway, even it’s really a tollway or expressway or whatever).

I use the part of I-90 between Harlem and Elmhurst Rd. (I think; I drive by muscle memory it seems so I don’t read exit signs anymore), just a bit past the airport and toll plaza, directly after the oasis. Not only does traffic generally suck on this stretch of 90, but the road is just plain hazardous. If I had a dollar for every time I was almost smushed into the concrete wall trying to merge from FIVE cash paying lanes into ONE after the toll plaza (Northbound, and I should add that neither of the I-Pass lanes have to merge, no, they each have their own lane), I would have no worries about paying off my student loans.

And is it just me, but are people becoming even worse at driving? I didn’t even think/know this was possible. How is this happening? Why do you need to go 70 in heavy traffic? I don’t like to play the “catch up with the traffic” game, but I don’t really have the choice not to anymore; having a ginormous SVU bearing down on my backside at 80 is enough to get me to push the gas pedal.

I’ve been egged on the highway, too. Chased from lane to lane, forced to speed up or have a fancy sportscar make scrap metal babies with my trunk, only to be egged (in the dead of winter no less–I still have yolk on my car) as I merged over to the exit ramp.

None of this really has any point; I just felt like bitching about the little stretch of 90 I’m forced to take. And you know, I wonder if any of these things will ever get better.

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