Folks. I did an experiment. What happens when you walk to the train without your contacts?

I was actually still trying to avoid people, but I wasn’t going to say anything. I probably ran into about seven. A few of them made noises like “urmf” but only one guy yelled at me. I think he must have been having a bad day already. He pushed me pretty hard, and when I started laughing, he said I should “go home” whatever that means.

Although there was no point in this, it made me think that there is a cool sort of rule about how much you give on the street. I usually twist or move a little…the correct amount, but since in this case I was just walkiing perfectly straight, I threw off the balance. Whatever. People maybe figured I was drunk.

I was on vacation. I saw Germany, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, The Netherlands, The Switzerlands, Burundi, Rwanda, The Gambia, Ghana, Gandhidham, India, Palau, Hanoi, Osaka, Tokyo, Brussels, Dakar, Lagos, Yap and Seoul.

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