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Denny Hastert and Congressional Republicans Debate the New Lobby Reform Bill.

Remember when I wrote “Denny Hastert Thinks You Are Stupid?”

The essence of that post was a jab at the porcine legislator from Illinois for his, I alleged at the time, shameless claims to lead “lobby reform” through the Republican Congress, the very same Republican Congress which has been chronically guilty of- wait for it!- lobbying abuses.

I believe I compared Hastert to Pappy O’Daniel in “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

I believe I asserted this was equivalent to the “inmates running the asylum.”

(I think I may have saved the “fox guarding the henhouse” cliché for another post.)

All in all, I asserted that Denny Hastert must think we are stupid if he thinks we, the voting populace, will believe him when he claims he will spearhead lobbying reform.

Well let’s check in on old Denny, you know, see how that re-form is a’comin’…

…apparently not so good, according to the Washington Post:

Remember lobbying reform? The Hill was so nervous about the Abramoff scandal that even Denny Hastert was talking about greater disclosure, ending earmarks and perhaps limiting freebie travel. Now that the Abramoff furor has died down, the leadership is backtracking on almost every point. The House passed a watered-down bill yesterday that contained such stinging provisions as ethics training for lawmakers. So members of Congress will be able to continue to stuff bills with home-district pork, often as a favor to the interest groups that finance their campaigns. Talk about a formula for corruption.”

Hmmm, maybe nikkos isn’t so crazy after all?

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