Visit Asheville

One thing about the Internet is, I dunno, there’s probably a fancy word for it, but I’ll call it dis-local-ization. You know, the whole idea that I don’t have to care where Amazon’s headquarters is or that I can listen to New York-based radio station whenever I want. (And Metroblogging is all about re-local-ization. Which is another word I just made up.)

Of course, a side-effect of that is that if you’re running a TV ad contest in Asheville, NC and expect to get a lot of videos of people sitting by rivers (North Carolina rivers, that is) you just might end up with a ton of absurdist masterpieces by a Chicago filmmaker. You know, like this and this and this and this and this (all links Quicktime movies).

But man, I’d go anywhere that squirrel told me to go.

(Via Adam Witt)

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