Like kittens chasing after bees

Steven notes the Gay Games‘ lack of qualifying events. Roy at Alicublog relates this observation:

Some years back I saw an early Gay Games event — a hockey match in miserable old Abe Stark Arena in Coney Island. … [T]he teams were ragtag, and the playing clumsy though spirited. (Again I was reminded of that old Detroit sportswriter, lost to history or to me at least, who had described inept outfielders chasing fly balls: “like kittens chasing after bees.”)

But in the course of the game the players improved in confidence, and began to complete passes and make creditable shots on goal; there was even a little hard checking and shoving. In short, they were acting like your basic hockey players … My friend … loved the game but rarely got to practice his moves … The Gay Games wasn’t his shot at being scouted into the NHL, but his chance to be on a team, try himself in competition, and maybe get a little better.

The Gay Games organization was in the same boat. I see it has indeed gotten better, and drawn more high-level support.

(He’s responding to some bloggers who seem a) shocked by the concept of the Gay Games at all and b) upset that the New York Times and other media outlets are official sponsors.)

Oh, and there’s a Gay Games blog.

(via James Wolcott)

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