Glad today wasn’t earlier in the week

Today something happened to me that I have happily not experienced in a couple of years. As I started to board my usual CTA bus to work, the driver greeted me and all of the passengers with, “Nice hot bus here! No air conditioning on this bus!” No AC on a CTA bus in August, 2006. After spending who-knows-how-much on those nice new busses that are usually cool (those nice new busses on which no one can seem to figure out that you only need to gently pressure the back doors to open, rather than forcefully pushing on them, but that’s another issue), and jacking up fares after threatening to eliminate many necessary bus routes, today the AC didn’t even work. Thank you, CTA. I’m just glad it wasn’t a few days ago, because then I would have ridden to work in a mobile sauna.

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