Roeper On “WTC”

While Roger Ebert is out sick, Richard Roeper and others are filling in at the Sun-Times writing movie reviews. Today Roeper gives his take on “World Trade Center,” the new Oliver Stone film, and gives it four stars, or two big thumbs up. Based on the marketing of “WTC,” I am expecting a big cheeseball-hooray-for-America kind of film, and based on his review it doesn’t appear that Roeper really disagrees, but as always I will reserve my judgments until I see the movie. Which will probably be next year on Netflix.

But Roeper, who I think I once called the “Miller Lite of Newspaper Columnists,” throws an Ann Coulter quote out to start his piece — you know, the one about the 9/11 widows enjoying their husbands’ deaths so much — and then he really digs in with some meaty comments.

“It would be my great pleasure to arrange for a screening of Oliver Stone’s ‘World Trade Center’ for Ann Coulter and some of the families whose loved ones were killed or seriously injured on 9/11. It could take place in New York, New Jersey, any place, any time, all expenses on me. All I ask is, after the screening is over and the lights go up, that Coulter should stand and face these families and explain to them why she believes they experienced anything but the most profound emotional pain on that day and on all the days that have followed.”

“Of course, Coulter will never go for something like that. That would take character and humanity, and she’s an unconscionable pig.”

A little less subtle than an Ebert may have handled it, but still, nice! Sorry about that Miller Lite comment, Richard…

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