Defending the Trixie

Margaret Hicks, book editor over at Chicagoist, defends the Trixie:

The trick is not in being original, this isn’t NYC, if you spend any time looking at Chicago fashion, you will know there really is no such thing as “fashion” in the City of Big Shoulders. The trick of the Trixie is, who is pulling off the black top/jean combination the best.

And part of that is not looking mortified when you see everyone else at the bar wearing the exact same thing you are. You must stand in your black Nine West boots with your head held high; your shoulder-length hair with blonde highlights brushing effortlessly across your shoulders, your perfect muted brown eye-shadow and lightly applied mascara flittering flirtatiously at the nearby standing Chads.

And speaking of the Trixie, how long has the original Lincoln Park Trixie Society site had that “Coming Soon” sign? Forever, that’s how long. If you’re really jonesing for some Trixie satire, the old site is archived in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

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