A Tale of Two (Baseball) Cities

Sox and Cubs. Yankees and Mets. 2 of these teams are going to the playoffs this year and 2 are from Chicago. Second City? This time it’s true. It has been a tough year for Chicago baseball fans. The Sox at least had a chance until they gave up over the All-Star break. The Cubs? Ha. Next!

It gets disgusting after a while rooting for teams that never make it. Sure, the Sox are technically still champs, but do you really want to wait another 88 years for a Sox championship? Cuz they’re sure as hell aren’t winning it all again this year.

Consider this your chance to air out your moans and groans and wishes for next year. Who should replace Dusty (besides ‘anyone’)? What is wrong with the Sox and how does Kenny Williams fix em? Do you care? Has it all become one big joke?

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  1. bob (unregistered) on September 25th, 2006 @ 2:34 pm

    This is the reason I, as a confirmed, went to Wrigley with my grandpa, died in the wool Cubs fan want the Sox to win and continue to win (you know, like they did prior to the 2006 all-star break) – Eventually as the wanabees filter down to Sox Park (the beer down there was cheaper, last time I checked) the numbers up here will dwindle and eventually the Trib (bigotry of low expectations, heal thyself) will either sell it off to (hopefully) someone who cares or field an actual team and get an actual coaching staff who is less dangerous to the players than a wild pitch to the head (or, in a young pitchers case – in the arm). But I don’t root for them – I just want more people to be angry at what “management” (and I use that term very loosely) calls a team on the northside.

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