Major Bummer

It never should have happened. They let their guard down and what do you expect? Allowing that late touchdown by the Buffalo Bills in the remaining minute of the game was a huge disappointment and let’s hope that doesn’t happen again. 40-7 just doesn’t have the same ring to it as 40-0. Come on, guys!

The Bears are the best team in football, as every announcer and sportscaster seemed to realize yesterday on the television, and it is quite a sight to behold. They are crushing their opponents with an ease that hasn’t been seen since…1985. If you want meaningless statistics though, you can point to the fact that the Bears have given up just 36 points so far, and the ’85 Bears had allowed 88 after 5 games. But it only matters how you finish, and those Super Bowl Bears won their last three games by a total of 91-10. There’s a long way to go and let’s hope that we can stop bringing up that old team when it’s all over. We are living in the year 2006 and the Bears are 5-0. What’s not to like?

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